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​ Our greatest natural resource
 is the minds of our children.
- Walt Disney

Teacher, Nanny, Childcare & Tiny Wonders Baby Sensory

Niñera con un niño
Niñera con una niña
Niñera con un niño

 Love, laughter & learning

Would you like your child to learn English, or maybe you crave the enjoyment of an evening out. Or, possibly the only thing you want is a child-free hour to do the shopping without the fear of being bullied into buying a Kinder Surprise, 2 packs of Fifa Liege and one of every flavor Chupa Chups, instead of the bread and milk you went in for!


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Danielle and I do exactly as the title says; I provide love, laughter and learning to as many children as I can, while providing assistance and support to as many parents as possible. I must state that I am not an agency, it is just me.

I am a 41 year old British native, who started caring for children at the age of 13, and have been professionally teaching and nannying in Barcelona since 2016. I am an outgoing, energetic nanny with a passion for books, creativity and the outdoors. As a person I am positive, fun-loving, conscientious and compassionate.


I support the organic language growth of children through play, reading, singing and activities; empowering children with confidence and self belief.


Niñera con un bebé


  • Tiny Wonders Baby Sensory Classes

  • Babysitting service

  • English lessons - This service is currently unavailable​​

  • Travel nanny - This service is currently unavailable


Toys and learning resources are included. 

Emergency Paediatric First Aid trained. Criminal background check.

— Julia, USA.

"Me and my husband say that she's like Mary Poppins but more cheerful!"

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