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If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tails.

- Albert Einstein

English Lessons

English Lessons This service is currently unavailable

Language is one the the greatest gifts you can give your children; opening the door to friendships, job opportunities and travel. And imagine never having to open a textbook, instead spending some of your childhood hours with a dedicated friend who submerses you in fun and adventure. 

  • Lessons allow knowledge to grow organically through play, for example: at the park, the beach or shopping in the supermarket

  • Personalised lessons that are active and fun-filled

  • Encouraged role-play to strengthen the imagination​

  • Lessons themed on nature, personal interests, school topics or current events

  • Empowering children with confidence and self belief


I ensure each lesson is captivating for the children and requires full engagement; when a child is happy and interested, learning comes naturally. I provide games, arts and craft materials, role play props, natural resources and books for each lesson.


Depending on the time, length of the lesson and also your requirements, lessons can be conducted in your home, the park or at the pool etc. 

Emergency Paediatric First Aid trained. Criminal background check.

€20 per hour. 


Babysitting Service

Every appointment is spent trying to create an environment full of joy, wonder and security for these little people. When entertaining children I am energetic, creative and fun. When caring for a child, I care for them as though they were my own, I am kind, attentive, nurturing and structured. For parents I am:

  • Trustworthy​

  • Reliable​

  • Flexible​

  • Respectful​

  • Safety conscious. 

This service can be provided in your home or your hotel.


Emergency Paediatric First Aid trained. Criminal background check.

€15 per hour - plus travel if the service finishes at or after midnight.


Travel Nanny

Travel Nanny - This service is currently unavailable


Holidays are a time for fun and relaxation, however any parent knows how stressful they can be when taking children! Having a travel nanny accompany you on your trip to provide assistance as-and-when needed, allows your family the freedom to fully enjoy your time and each other. Whether that be:

  • Accompanying you day-by-day, as an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands: assisting on excursions, pushing a buggy, helping with meal times etc.

  • Dedicated child time for excursions, play and adventure; or rest, baths and stories.

  • Babysitting to enable you to enjoy your evenings childfree.

Each care package will be tailored to your individual needs.


Emergency Paediatric First Aid trained. Criminal background check.

Price on enquiry.

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